Monday, July 2, 2012

Grave Discoveries

Awhile back (2009) when Dan still called the Account/Production office his bedroom, Anna discovered that someone stuffed a garbage bag full of clothes including the one armed sweatshirt shown above. It was deemed the Frat Boy Time Capsule based on it's contents. At the end of that post, I was looking forward to finding more hidden treasures...

Yesterday Maris was digging in the front yard to get a garden going and uncovered this pink garment. Soon after more clothes were being unearthed. 


There was
  • 2- Blazers
  • 2 - Ties
  • 1 - Shoe
  • Pink hat
  • Pink Silk Blazer
  • Something lacey that's falling apart
  • 2 crewneck sweatshirts
  • a bikini top
  • and tons of other stuff really creepy stuff

Here's some of the stuff laid out. That bluish crewneck at the top looked like it was bleached. Or it could have been something that happened while it was in the ground. 

My immediate thought is this all probably belongs to dead people. Why the hell would you bury clothes like that? Did they not wanna pay for garbage? Is this some kind of secret gardening practice? 

This is what the hole looks like with all the stuff pulled out. Maris thinks there's more stuff down there. 

Stay tuned. Maybe we'll find bones or diamonds or a secret route to China.

Kinda weird that there was originally a bush planted there before we finally got rid of them 2 years ago. The pic above is from 2006/07. Bodhi, RIP.

Might have to look into the past ownership of the house..spoooooky


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have been there too long, they would have disintegrated right?!

b.raq said...

A lot of the clothes were disintegrated. Thought it was ink at first, but it was definitely broken down cotton