Friday, October 30, 2009

Heidi Klum set the bar last year

i especially love the severed arms belt.

dumbass tattoo of the week

first off, who the hell would forget this? youve got to be one dumb mof to forget this, or maybe a girl that doesnt know what a Street Fighter 2 Turbo is. get edu-ma-cated. this is like memorizing your ABCs.

second, this isnt even a funny tattoo. video game tattoos dont make me laugh.




EVIL part 3 (final one, happy halloween)

shirt of the week

Compliments of Xan-Dar (alex). Although oversized for his torso, the image alone is tits and ass. Definitely one of FUCT's best. Notice in the bottom picture, you can see what Xan-Dar eats and drinks while Arting it up.

note: if you didnt know who the guy is one the shirt, hint: young keith richards (of the rolling stones) something is preserving his body. satan.



little enough to be filed away like important documents


I took this poperotsy style. He wouldnt come close because he's embarassed. That will teach him to each garbage and beg. He'll never cameo in an Air Bud movie at this rate.

Be amazed by the Canon Powershot Zoom capabilities. WOW. BANANAS.

new size tags are a go.

product of the month (which is about 1 1/2 days remaining)

take those bananas.

EVIL part 2

Thursday, October 29, 2009

EVIL part 1

putting together a master EVIL collage for Halloween. for those who enjoyed the Crying & Fighting collages i did in the past. enjoy


If you got 5 boxes of Franzia, find a friend and make his or her day. That's the lesson. Share and make Friends doing it.

Kindness, Pass it on.