Friday, July 6, 2012

Grave Discoveries - Part 2

For those of you just tuning in, you should check out Part 1.

The 2nd dig actually took place Tuesday. Maris mentioned that there was more shit down there, so me and Jenn started digging towards the end of lunch.

Didn't take long til we struck gold again. Finally, a graphic tee. Might help us pin point the year.

"International _______ Of Elevator Constructors" July 18 1991

We kept finding these long threads of unraveled clothing which eventually led to another bag of goodies.

Next catch, a shredded red hat. Kinda freaked us out for a min. Basically anytime we had to pull out anything the color red. 

Next up, a henley and pair of pants with red stains.

Looks pretty gnarly, but I picked up on something while we were pulling gold out of the ground. 

A lot of the clothes have been in the ground so long that they were literally disintegrating. So some of the clothes looked like it had screen printing ink on them. But it was actually the cotton turning into this foul smelling paste. 

I dunno about this one though...

Surprise, another bag. 
By this point, I was expecting Jenn to find a head or get a handful of hair. 

Not a head, but almost just as fucked up to find.

pair of socks, skirt, and one-piece swimsuit

After that last bag full of women's clothes we took a break. 
A few hours go by and we just couldn't stop thinking about the gaping hole of dead people clothes. 

So at 5 we went back to it. Sure enough another bag...

First find, a heavily stained crewneck.

Another graphic tee. The black ink stuff is actually disintegrated cotton. 

Reversible Nike jersey, oldie but a goodie. A must have in my middle school years.

This was the bag that we were like "What the Fuck?!" over. What are you supposed to think when you find a diaper bag. Is there a used diaper in there? A dead baby? A head? Poop? Poop? Baby poop?

There was a vest in there that gave the bag a "used diaper" feel. Glad it wasn't. These rotten clothes already smelt awful on their own. 

Peep the red stains on the vest. Stab wounds or rust stains?

Baseball tee, Marlboro lights, and a mystery green and gold piece. 


The Zombie Sonics LIVE!!

A good omen indeed. Hope we get our team back soon. Bummed it wasn't in better condition.

This was pretty much the contents of the very last bag. 
Got some poopy sweat shorts down below.

Maris starting digging again yesterday. She didn't find anything else, so she just filled it back in.

Not exactly sure where we go from here. I think Dano might look into who lived here before. He may turn his research into a book series. Something along the lines of "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo." 

If it goes in that direction, Danny Trejo has agreed to play Papa Gino for the movie.

Stay tuned until we find some bones lining the wall of the basement.

Happy Friday.

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