Friday, April 29, 2011

The Pre Game

We're working really hard to spruce up the HQ for all of you this weekend. We cut down the jungle in the front and backyard, did 2-3 dump runs (not in the sense of pooping), and gutted the basement for the sale.

Saturday and Sunday will be the HQ Open House Sale. See you all here!!

Tonight is strictly a Casual Friends & Family Night.

How To Make a Gun Press.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gearing up for Open House

Less than 2 days away from our Open House sale. Hope to see you all there!

Return score

Got this return back from GRO. Had a little snag on the back.

Came with some treats.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will the real Poopy please stop humping the clone

Jeremy brought Brody in for a day last week. It'll probably be the first and only day him and Poopy will ever work together.

This was the result. Poor guy, Poopy would not let up. It was a marathon of butt rape. I guess you could say he got a taste of the ugly part of the Business.

Kristen and Gino are wearing the same thing.

Leather Jacket, Check.
White Tee, Check.
Blue Jeans, Check.
Flip Flops, Check.
Shit-Eatting Grins, Check.

Casual gets a new door.

After 10+ years of service, we're finally retiring our cardboard door.

Most people will never have this many physical door scars unless its a frat house. Or crack house. Or Casual house.

There are some good/bad stories behind these marks. They're personal, so I won't share them here. I'd rather people make up their own crazy stories about the inner workings of Casual.

Double Dragon shot.

Pete doin some weeerk.

The new door. This thing could take some hits.

Needed to break the door in. It makes the house look pretty sad with it's new glow.

Cool door knob to nowhere.

Added it to the shrine.

Found this riff raff in the driveway. He smells like turds covered in goat cheese.