Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy 4 Years of The Brahg!
As I said in the post before this one, we'll be posting 1 quiz per day until Thursday 26th. 
4 quizzes total, 1 winner per quiz. Free shit for 4 people total.

  • Email your answers to
  • You're email subject must be : Quiz 1. Nothing more nothing less. If you don't make that your exact subject, it will not even be opened and you lose.
  • The first person to send us all the right answers with the right subject line will win. We'll send that lucky person an email confirming the win and will request your address to send over your prize. 
  • We'll announce the winner the following day. 

Casual's personal friends, Casual employees, Family, Uncles, Stultzy, soccer cousins, former interns, Casual team riders, & ex-girlfriends.

FYI: All answers can be found in the Brahg Archives (located on the right panel of the page). 
Find the answers using the dates given. 

1. Who’s name is written in the snow? Dec. 23, 2011, Signing Off

2. What is the life lesson Vinnie learns? July 29, 2010, VINNIE BEGINS

3. Who does Poopy bare a "striking resemblance" to? Mar. 17, 2011, Happy St Daggy's Day

4. Name item #15 on the Survival Kit tee. Oct. 9, 2008, Nuclear Winter 08/09 -Survival Kit

5. Name the city on the cop car. May 26, 2010, we salute you

6. EAT “_ _ _ “  Feb. 11 2009, Vegas Trip pt. 3

7. Describe The Art of “Van-Damming” Dec. 30, 2009, The Art of Van-Damming

8. Name the 2 riders in the “Snow Biz” photo by Justin Hostynek. Dec. 16, 2010, Justin Hostynek / The Making of Snow Biz

9. Who is the hidden child actor in the picture? Dec 23, 2011, Happy Holidays!

10. What is Vinny thinking of? Aug 2, 2010, Bring Your Dog To Work Day

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