Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Billy Zane was indeed The Phantom

Kristen didn't believe me. And i don't know how his name came up. He looks like one of those raisins that dance before a movie starts. One thing is for certain, you've gotta respect a man with a horse and tiger.

Office Hits

Kanye West - My Twisted Dark Fantasy

Kid Cudi -The Legend of Mr. Rager

Lloyd Banks -The Hunger for More 2

Girl Talk - All Day

The Doors - The Soft Parade

First blizzard of 2010

It's art. Don't try to understand it.


The Abbot was here.

Brendan captured the essence of workers fleeing work.

rump shaker all day

Don't act like you don't like everything about this video.

..Bound For Beyond..

Shout out to the homie Tyler Mayfield. Thanks for the shirts/stickers dude! Check out his skateboard brand Bound For Beyond, pretty dope stuff.

This guy is gonna take a shit on the game.

skip to 3:18

I'm sure everyone has experienced some degree of hell last night.

Monday, November 22, 2010

time to leave

Novembuuurrrrr pt 2

A toast to the arrival of the snow storm. Welcome to Hell. In the next couple of weeks we'll be riding snow mobiles to work. I can get behind that.

This ghetto space heater has been keeping the Industrees warm for 5+ years. And of course we're in the process of getting a new furnace, which means our old one broke and we're currently freezing our asses off. If you live in west seattle and find your tree missing, we've cut it down and burned it in the fireplace. Thanks for supporting the Industrees!

last friday

You don't have to be a pervert to see what i see. 2 lamps 1 box.

A little light reading from the library buried on the other side of my desk. I'm gonna bring this to our company book club to see if we can get some milage out of it.

Another treasure found in a random box. I called dibs. You could carry a lot of groceries home with that sports bra/bikini thing.

AK's keyboard from the 90s is a health hazard.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Countdown to turkey time

Pete demonstrating something you should never do. Good thing he locked that door. I couldn't imagine how that would play out.

Sadie (aka Satan) filing my mail in her brand new vest made of brown paper bag.

Black Friday...to be continued.

We're still working on cleaning out some of the rooms to set up more office space. Kristen found one our old screen templates. She was asking if we wanted to toss it. I made sure to snap a quick picture because she looked like one of those crazy religious people downtown. Whammy.

Found these in a bag in a box. Surf bootie check. Expired condoms check check. Inflated package of Emergen C check. And a "free sex" ad check. All things required to have a strange adventure.

And finally, this memo pad was discovered. Pretty sure that's Dano's writing. I wouldn't dare question rotisserie chicken.

Nothing goes better with beer and ankle socks than rotisserie chicken. Everybody knows that.

Winter Beanies : A closer look

For those who already bought their beanies, be sure to check out your seeeecret fortune on the inside. Get the beanies right hurr.