Thursday, July 31, 2008

hmm, awfully close


Maybe we should vote on if we got ripped off or not. kinda weird how the company is in Renton, WA. That would make us neighbors :) or maybe this is completely coincidental.

Featured on The Goat

Thanks for giving us props Rocky. Its always good to get recognition for our hard work.

Although there are plenty of haters posting some negative comments, i dont really care too much about what they have to say. All i have to say is

Them playas gon' play, Them haters gonna hate, Them callers gonna call, Them ballers gonna ball

Thats right, i said it.

Thank you to everyone that continue to support us. We couldnt do this without you. People are always going to hate when they're not where they want to be. We work very hard to get where we are. Its so easy to say success is selling out when they arent the ones trying to keep themselves afloat by doing something that makes them happy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


AK just got a case of expired bbq seeds. So im going to expect some kind of gum disease in my future. seed or die.

Friday, July 25, 2008

more fall teasers

ahhh, stress relief.

Something about Disney characters and drugs that seem to look right.

Block Party

Hopefully its better than last year. I left like 6 times last year to drink at cal anderson park because it was sucking so hard. And you'd think after a couple of drinks it be more fun.

There are only 2 people i really want to see today and ill be content. Jay Reatard and Girl Talk. Apparently theyre not into clothes.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fall 08 & Winter 09 Preview

Fall line should be dropping August 15th. More pics up soon.

we own the streets

im suprised there are still some cop cars with our sticker on their bumpers and possibly a couple of taxis. id advise everyone not to do this. not everyone can talk the cops out of arresting them for defacing their patrol car in front of a big crowd of drunk people. i wont say who did it, we'll just call him "Golden Eagle." Apparently hitting on girl cops can go a long way.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

official casual industrees blog

Our website has a couple of bugs that need to be worked out of it. So updates will be available here and the myspace. We're currently working on a brand new website. It'll be awhile...i feel like funny witty things should be said on these things, but im really tired and its the end of the day.