Friday, October 29, 2010

uh ohhhh, Vinny's costume spoiler!!

FALL / WINTER bread crumbs

We're gonna keep sprinkling new fall/winter in throughout November leading to the launch of the new website. Here's the first round of goodies.

We actually saw this in an old snowboarding book and called up the man, Justin Hostynek for permission to use it. Thanks Justin! We're all really stoked on how it turned out.

Remember kids, 40's not Four Loko. At least you can taste all the horrible things you're doing to yourself...Drink Responsibly.

A classic banger.

Only way to live.

A classic banger pt 2.

A classic banger pt 3. Sorry, i'm out of clever captions. It's Friday, you know? Happy early Halloween! Don't pee your pants in the haunted house.

One more restock

Sorry for lack of new products this week. I promise LOTS of stuff in about a week. It's all finished, we just need to schedule a good day to get them shot.

New Releases & Restocks

We got a couple oldies restocked this week including the WA Outline 2.0, The Northwest, Bring Back Rainier!, It's the WA, and the Liza Tree. I put up the purple U.Dub tees also.

Be sure to check both the Men's Bargin Bin and Womens Bargin Bin for recently added items. For all the dudes that wear size small, definitely take advantage of the 5 for 50 deal. It's all gold.

I'm also waiving the shipping cost on all Mens and Womens Hoodies this weekend.

stay strapped

You never know when some random assailant might pop in and give us the business. Ask John Lennon. I took it upon myself to hide my berretta for the safety of the company. Plastic pellets hurt pretty bad at point blank range.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Casual does London

Alex Roty, French Editor of sportin the CTX hoodie.

Thanks Brian!

Happy 26th Birthday AK

Alex turned the big 2-6. What better way to celebrate a b-day by going to Yummy.

Food Dude.

I'm going to take my savings to Emerald Downs and bet it on a doped up horse. Thanks fortune cookie.

Kristen gets punked.

Gino about to give AK a birthday slug in the face.

Se Hövding invisible inflatable helmet

For all those badasses that don't like to wear a helmet while weaving through traffic. I wonder if it goes off before a random assailant tries to break a bottle over your head.

Se Hövding


Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Ditka

Sorry the Bears got their asses handed to them by the Seahawks yesterday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Don't act like you wouldn't buy hideous self-lacing shoes if you had money to spare. I'd be on these in a min.



AMEN to that Brother.

Casual Thrash-Hour

And then I stepped in shit.