Friday, September 26, 2008

Vinny Make Art.

stumbles upon a collage vinny made in the drive way. apparently he's a master sculpture. how do you shit out a turd that looks exactly like a dick and balls?

he could probably shit out anything thats on his mind. the next one will more likely be another dick and balls.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nuclear Winter preview

more to come. ladies tees too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Casual X PLH

These guys are friends from way back when. Everyone should come out for their cd release party this Friday at EVO.

AIR vinny

hes fine. he was caught each time. vinny does these kinds of things all the time to entertain us. how do you think he pays rent? it was his idea.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rotten Thieving Bastards

We've gotten a little taste of people ripping off our designs. Japanese brand Shiroi Neko straight jacked Rebel 8's designs. Basically took their original art and slapped it on a dyed tee. What they hell is up with all these snake bastards trying to make a quick buck off of hardworking people who make original art? I hope they get whats coming to them soon. more about it here.

winter beanie sneaky peakies

Casual Mondays

been saying it for awhile, mondays are the new sunday. nice weather and great breakfast compliments to kristen.

dano's 31st

he only got a used ghost rider comic book for his birthday.

Shirt of the Week 3

Friday, September 19, 2008

Winter 08/09 preview

thats right, we did it. now you wont be able to tell if you spill on yourself because this one only come is black. drink till you puke.

Casual X Vitamin Water

Ak is making sure the hand feel of the print is ok. gropestrong.

Monday, September 15, 2008


this is too good. im a fan of star wars spoofs, but this shit is perfect. id like to see obama as our president, but come on. how many more people are gonna throw his face on a shirt or the bottom of a shoe to make money off his name? its getting kind of ridiculous. If they're using some of the profit to contribute funds to his campaign its different. but if thats not their intention, they're a bunch of snakes trying to make money off his name.


Fall BTS 08 continued

this isnt everything because most of it went out to the stores already. this is just what i could find in inventory. dont get chocolate milk on your white tees. itll pretty much ruin your life and you'll hate yourself for it. i spill shit on my light grey pants all the time and it pretty much fucks my whole day. maybe im being a girl, but who wouldnt get pissed off about that? i talk too much on monday.

Fall BTS 08

satan is the new pokemon.

probably the craziest shit ive ever read. satan worshiping children eating children. they look like regular kids. makes me scared to talk down to any child. they might decide they want to kill me for refusing to buy them cigarettes.

article here.

Shirt of the Week 2

theres really not a lot i have to say about this shirt. the intensity is off the charts.

Friday, September 12, 2008

AK makes treaty with Snow Bud

This is what happens when its really hot and nice outside and take late lunches on a friday.

eagle has left the nest

its dano's birthday weekend. he's leaving to la push to go surfing. so if you see him on the beach, run up to him with a hand full of sand and rocks and throw them into his eyes while wishing him a happy 31st!

some how there going to attempt to pack surfing gear, 2.5 dogs (vinny hardly counts as one), and 3 grown ass men into his wagon. itll work, its just gonna be really uncomfortable for every one and they'll probably have to get rid of vinny on the way there.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shirt of the Week 1

one of those ideas you wish you thought of first. i swear i had this exact same idea when i was in 3rd grade when i had my sweet rat tail.

i wish i remembered to save the link i found this at. so everyone can buy one for themselves or perhaps a loved one.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Golden Eagle has landed.

pretty much the baddest lamp 5 bucks can buy. serves as a great moral builder once the shit storm of fall and winter hits.

RA Brah Law Blog

Last year RA Scion from Common Market stop by and we hooked it up with some gear. Found some promo pics the other week with him wearing some of our stuff. Big thanks to Common Market for representing.

They've also got a CD release party tomorrow that everyone should go to at Neumo's in Seattle.


first 2 pictures were taken by Mariangela Abeo and the 3rd by S.Mottola. The last one is all Casual. If you werent able to tell, our picture taking skills are beyond professional. Im thinking about quitting my job to take family pictures at Sears. i wonder if they still do that