Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We Back

Hey everyone, Casual is back in the office today to fill all orders from over the break and answer all the emails. We'll be out of office until next Monday. Hope all of you had a great Holiday Break! If you sent us an email over the weekend expect a response or call today. - BGW (the supreme team, b.raq, gino, and whiskers)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to everyone for an amazing year! We're very grateful for all of the love you guys show us. 
Yes, there's a number of strange things going on in this photo.

- Casual Industrees

Signing off

Have a safe holiday weekend. Be safe, open presents, eat for 2, and don't drink too much dark water. 
See you in 2012. 


Future Jaxon, creepin.

They're not all bad.

 This is also the closest Papa Ginos been next to a cop without being in handcuffs. Both of them should be rewarded skittles.

Jordan 11s drop

More Classics

Ben stopped by today to do some holiday shopping (remember we're closed at 2pm today). Couldn't help but notice the ultra rare NERDS tee he was wearing. I don't think those even went into a full production. That's probably 1 of 20 samples.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

iPhone Waffle Case

I think this is a great idea. But I can't help but think of scrapping fresh dog shit off my shoe when I see that waffle pattern. Then you have to put it up against you face and then it's like the poop is right up against you cheek. 

Or is it just me?

bare necessities

Spaceship Press

Just started going through photos of the last two weeks. Expect more..


Pie Area

Props to this guy

I think his name was Jesse. We saw him walk into the bar with his OG Casual hoodie from waaaaaay back when and invited him to sit at the throne for some brews. 

Before the lights went out

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Project

Whoever takes a photo of this at the bar it ends up at and sends it to us (via email, facebook, brahg, twitter) first we'll send you a free shirt and hat. Keep an eye out.


It's Magneto kinda day.

Last Chance

If you're down to the wire, here's your last chance this week. If you can't make it in during those hours,
set up an appointment by emailing Sorry no beer at this one.

Keg Graveyard

I'll give someone a free t-shirt if they drink both those pitchers that's been sitting there since Sunday Night. Backyard aged 3 days of the finest brew.

More New Decals

Gonna put up the new stickers and decals later today! Got some really dope ones that came in these weekend. Thanks Jerry!