Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy McMorial weekend

be safe!

Who makes this?

I tip my hat to whoever went through the trouble of making this.

Hidden Hand Tattoo's Anniversary

Our photographer, Josh "Pecker" will have his photos showcased there. If you see him, give him a kick in the nuts.

Seattle Bike Polo

We have a couple of friends involved with this. Pretty cool video, check it out.

Memorial Day Sale

Gary Coleman RIP


for the ladies....

for the girl that has everything...a disguise to keep sketchy dudes from following you home, and its has that attitude that says " who cares its just fashion"
seriously, full story here

Thursday, May 27, 2010

bring the fire!

note: it was dead when we found it on our boxes. this is a brief tribute to the worker bees.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday BRA!

we salute you

For the record, we did NOT tell him to do that.

Lil wayne is responsible for all youth misbehavior.

Monday, May 24, 2010

WAO2 in stock


I saw this on the coffee table when i went upstairs. White Satin, next best thing to japanese denim. Can't get that at no Walgreens.

Look at that detail. I believe that is the kanji for Unfuckwitable. If not, prove me wrong. Dragons to donuts says im right.

Tap Dancing weather is on da fritz

how the hell am i gonna make money in this shitty weather??

Friday, May 21, 2010

more Robbed and NorthWest in stock!


Not sure if you have heard of Bros ICING bros. Simple game.

RULE 1: You can not refuse an ICE. If you do so you are excommunicated and no longer allowed to give out or receive ICINGS.

RULE 2: When you are ICED you have an opportunity to block. If your bro ICES you, present him with an ICE of your own and he has to chug them both.

Still not clear what ICING is. That's ok. ICING is when you present your bro with a Schmirnoff ICE at an unexpected time. The more creative the better. The main thing is it should not be expected and when he has been ICED he is obligated to get down on one knee and chug the ICE. Now enjoy this strange video of Coolio getting iced after a performance of Gangstas Paradise.

SKIP TO 5:15 for the ICING.

for more info visit

Casual does Deforestation

Tim-Brah left us a weed wacker to take care of the rain forest in the front yard. The following events are based on true encounters

Test Drive

It worked!! WOW.

BOOOOM. reminder: lighting doesn't strike twice in the same spot.

And now i've become swine flu.

The opponent.

The contender.

The action

Happy 38th Birthday

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cleaning out the Tomb

Kristen is not drunk in this picture. FALSE.

AK discovered that 2 mouses will work at the same time. Thanks to a college education, he was able to figure that out.

cord balls don't bounce up very high. FACT.

some lucky web customer is going to win this

in a way, that's half my job. if your order gets messed up, shot me an email and ill talk to you over this cordless thingy and fix the problem.

Dan has unearthed his old cd wallet.

party moved outside

more new FIRE for Summer!

Bet you didn't know....

That AK tap dances to pay his rent.

Our new intern. we made him, just like in Weird Science.

Little Laff resembles Vinny. But his name should be Useless.

DEAL: 2 for 1 beanies PRICE: your time and gas money

DEAL: 2 left mismatched shoes PRICE: McChicken mini meal

Gino decides to one-up my Vinny VW trick by teaching him to blow up ballons. Impressive.

All the dead bodies are cleared out and Bob's your uncle.