Friday, July 31, 2009


this is the lamest attempt at Zartan. Master of diguise, those two faces look exactly the SAME. one is just making a frowny face.

Zartan looks like this. no homo, on that vest

the toys pretty much give away how shitty the movie may turn out.

snake eyes doesnt have a mouth.

its a goddamn mask. Havent seen the movie yet, but i have sources telling me its going to suck hard.

Vinnie, BAD

this morning vinnie pooped out Hawaii. Although a very impressive display of talent, he was punished for inaccuracy.

there are 8 main islands, you FOOL. only 4 shy of being rewarded a treat.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Casual Ind. X Coastal surf boutique AKA Beach Meeting VOL. 2

first AK and I set up Shop in front of Coastal Surf Boutique on Alki beach
The Brothers Reid get their Game Faces on

Casual IND. Workin'

AK gets a much needed break from printing...and some new shades from our rep taggey.

Good times, Thank you to everyone that turned out and supported the multi-hundred dollar company, and big thanks to our friends at Coastal for making this possible and hooking the booze up...we like booze

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The King of the Junkyard Jungle

Gino will be giving dog haircuts all week. get in touch with him for show dog haircuts

Coastal X Casual event tomorrow!

tell all your friends, family, grand parents, and 2nd and 3rd cousins twice removed!

bob ross / forum

new stickers peeky peek

got some samples in the mail, for all you waiting to get your hands on them

uuhh ohhh, its dogs on little bridges time!

Thursday, July 23, 2009



busy busy production

you aint shit without a custom cl2 apron. that would be the garden that feeds us behind me.

happy mistakes. this is what happens when your holding a cigarette while taking a portrait picture

Fall Back Bitches!

50's got a new scent. Power. I wonder what that smells like. I'd imagine it'd smell along the lines of shotgun powder, blood of your enemies, and the lamentation of the women.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Office Meeting pt 1

its hot heat fire outside. we decided to go to the beach near buy and cool off with the dags.

Beach Office Meeting pt 2

my name is Bohdi and i just got done rubbing in something dead. bad dog.


doin work

a little peep show of the newbs

my heart shaped breastasis

Monday, July 20, 2009

ndubs gonna drop

we have a tiny tiny run online here


finally got a small red bull re up after several months. my stomach already hurts, but in a good way. there will be alot of drink mixing done with them.

where are you vitamin water?! we have some 10 cals left, but theyre not the tastest of treats.

Dear Pharrell

stop trying to look like an oil tycoon. you're too rich to look ridiculous.

"you're just a bastard in a basket!"

1st Day of Nordstrom Anniversary

2 of this seasons gems spotted right off the bat

1st day was a ZOO. Barely any walking space around the tees table.

Can you spot the Casuwa (thats Casual in french for all you americans)?

May have strategically place our tees on top. Tried to make it easier for the booty hunters.

Met up w/ Tagge shortly after he got done saving a Damsel.