Monday, October 31, 2011

NW Pumpkins

Saw these on facebook a couple days ago. I believe they were done by Uriel and Ricardo. They look insanely good. If you guys are reading this, hit us up!

Happy Halloween

Almost forgot it was Halloween because everyone was celebrating it since last friday. Anyways, if you're down to your final hours deciding what to be, you can dress like The Owner of A Multi-Hundred Dollar Company. Maybe you'll end up making it an outfit you use on a weekly basis.

  1. Casual Industrees C-Logo Snapback - Just like football players wear helmets and jerseys, you've gotta be reppin you're team all day.
  2. A vice - A man has to have a vice. It's what keeps him human. Dano's got plenty of them. For anyone who has known him as long as I have, Chubby Hubby was his drug of choice for a minute. Available at your local market or grocery store.
  3. Basketball - This helps balance the vice. You can find these in a garage.
  4. Beige Bath Robe (or dirty formerly white robe) - This is key. Like businessmen wear suits, Multi-Hundredaires wear robes. If you think about it, Kings wore robes during Medieval Times. It's just much more comfortable and at the same time makes people around you feel uncomfortable. Nothing else has power like that. Available at Target, Fred Meyer, or you're creepy friend's bathroom.
  5. Black eye - Sometimes random people will try to sucker punch you. Life is crazy that way. Dano has terrible luck with that. And honestly the 2 random people that he's gotten black eyes from were actually random drunks. It's a reminder to protect your neck.
  6. Russian Prison Slippers - Becker, our photographer, brought these back from Russia while filming Russian Prisons for Nat Geo. I'm sure you can find slippers with dolphins on them where they'd sell mumus for old ladies. I feel like I see a lot of those stores at Pike Place Market.
  7. Poop Machine (Manchester Terrier) - You can catch one of these if you kick a trash can hard enough to scare whatever is eatting out of it. Be careful when handling, they may poop in and on everything you own.

Friday, October 28, 2011

New Snapbacks dropping today!

Available here!

Last Min Costume idears

I know a lot of you probably forgot Halloween is happening in the next couple days. Casual has your back on this one

  1. Yankee Fitted - Team Shop
  2. Your regular (cool guy) clothes - Your Closet

Seriously, that's all you have to do. I just got back from NY and every time I saw someone with a Yankee fitted on I kept thinking, "hey that guy is wearing a Jay-Z costume."

Steve Jobs and/or Johnny Quest or Kristen The Casual Production Manager (3-fer)
  1. Black turtleneck - Army surplus
  2. Blue jeans - Your dresser
  3. An iPhone or white French Bulldog depending on which one you go with. Age may play a factor. If you want to be a Kristen, get a red wig, leprechaun hat, or corned beef hash leftovers.
Bazooka (from G.I. Joe)
  1. Mustache - the sell fakes everywhere if you're not man enough to naturally grow one.
  2. Olive Drab Helmet, webbing belt, and cargo pants - All available at Army Surplus
  3. Vintage football jersey- I'm sure if you just wore a red football jersey people would get it. Unless their childhood completely missed out on G.I. Joes. Then they're the ones at a loss.
  4. Potato Gun - If you don't have one, you probably have a friend that owns one. I did. You don't need it, it just makes it way more official. You may also get arrested for blasting a couple kids with bread. I want to buy a t-shirt gun and light people up on the sidewalk. They can't get mad at you if they're being rewarded.
  1. Henley shirt - American Apparel
  2. Driving Gloves - Army Surplus, latex ones would work too. They're a lot easier to find and they're inexpensive.
  3. Cool guy boots - if you don't own some sort of boot by now, you've probably gone through canvas shoes like tissue in Seattle weather.
  4. I.D. Badge - Army Surplus. Just in case people don't get who you are, you can write in you're id badge "I'm Dexter, you idiot"
  5. Syringe - There's plenty of them under bridges.

1. Flattop / Mohawk / Mullet thing - You can't be the Boz if you can't commit to giving yourself a jacked up do. It will grow back.
2. Boz Jersey - A generic blue jersey would work or any Seahawks jersey.
3. Football Pads - This really makes it. Dan borrowed some from his old highschool (and forgot to give them back)
4. Blue Bandana - Army Surplus, Gas Station
5. Razor Blade Shades - You could probably get them from your cool unemployed uncle.
6. Earring - Optional. You may have to get your girl to walk into Claire's for you.

Snow Expo Events (starting today)

This weekend we'll be kicking off the shred season at The Seattle Snow Expo. Papa Gino will be there manning the press, so be sure to stop by for some fresh tees and say hi.
The next weekend we'll be hitting up the Portland Snow Expo. We'll have limited edition US Outdoor collab tees available. Hope to see you all there in PDX!
  1. Seattle Snow Expo - Oct 28th (TODAY) - Oct 30th @ The WA State Convention Center
  2. Portland Expo - Nov 4th - 6th @ The Portland Expo Center

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday AK!!!

This man made a bunch of tees you're wearing along with the C-Logo. Throw a beer at him if you spot him tonight.

Monday, October 24, 2011


A little humor to lighten up the evening.

Update on Tim-Brah

This morning we got word that our good friend and tech wizard Tim was hit by a semi truck this morning while he was jogging. Dan came by to check on his condition and here's the damage so far :

- broken back
- broken ribs
- broken elbow
- lacerations on his head

The good news is he can move his toes. Keep him in your prayers, and wish him a speedy recovery. He asked Dano to post his picture on The Brahg, so he's not brain dead or anything. Still kicking!

Will keep you guys posted on his condition.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Watch the Throne - Trailer

Now Available


Farewell Poopy

After a life filled with riches & bitches, Poopy will be joining Steve Jobs, Nate Dogg, and our beloved Bodhi and Lucy Saturday afternoon.

His health has been slowly declining over past couple of weeks due to cancer. So please take time today to pay your respects to Poopy and Jenn (Mother of Poopy) before he is sent off to Thug Mansion.

We're going to miss your weezing, riding of Elk, and humping of other dogs that resemble you. Farewell Buddy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seattle's 12th Man and the Land of BOZ

Now Available HERE

Dance Assassin

Assassin is a funny word. Sometimes I mispronounce is assin. Too many syllables.

This is a funny video. The last part is kinda lame. I hate those statue guys.

Bobby Hundreds

Bobby's World: The Brand Before The Man | Part 1 from hueTV on Vimeo.

Great Video about Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds.
Saw this video on the homies at T.I.T.S. Blog

Ice Cube

Found this HERE

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Crews

Getting cold out, here's some Fall crews to tie you guys over until the big drop.

10 Rules Of Boozing

12th MAN

A little preview of what's been coming through for Fall/Winter

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