Thursday, October 30, 2008

Burton Triad Bindings 08/09? - $150 obo

super cushy for a nice comfortable ride. anything diamond padded looks pretty money. its like a throne for your boots.

peep this

Burton Cartel Bindings - $40 obo

Size Med. Good starter bindings. The world is run by Cartels...who have only $40 bucks in their pocket.

Flux Yukuza Bindings 09 - $100 obo

Size Large. Has some pretty sweet yukuza style tattoo art on the back. Id buy them to match my sleeve but my feet are size pacific islander. what a shame.

Flux Diamond Gold 07/08 - $150 obo

Theyre brand new. Size Large. gold makes everything look good. your snowboard could be from Kmart and these binding would make them look like 500 bucks.

thats not entirely true.

Shawn White 07/08 Burton Boots - $100 obo

Size 10. Sexcellent Condition

LIB Tech 172 MAGNE-TRACTION MULLET 07/08 - $250 obo

Not cherry, but pretty close. Im told its the elephant gun of pow riding. And if you havent seen an elephant gun in action, you have not yet become a man.

Burton Malolo 158 - $250 obo

Only has been ridden once. Its a Burton factory second. Black is badass. duh.

Burton Dice Suit - $100 obo

Its a size large. only has been ridin in a few times. it is a babe magnet. so if you dont have a girlfriend or have never had one before, this suit is the one for you. i give you my word. word is bond. peace gahhd


Dano wants YOU to have the pleasure of riding in his hand-me-downs. the next couple of posts will be some of his gear he wants to sell. as you can tell, he's already gandering for new gear. any questions just email HOT DAMN!

Happy Thursday

i wish i had enough spare time make things like this.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween is

just around the corner. And for all of you scrambling around to figure out what youre gonna be, here are 4 pretty good ideas that will help get the ball rolling.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


October has been really busy for us. Thats why all the brahgin hasnt been updated as much. Working on a lot of new things for next winter already. We will also have a booth at SIA in January. AK is gone til november (like Wyclef). He's visiting his makers and will be returning in a week. Another winter 08/09 shirt being printed below. Almost ready to be released. Also expect some new sales on the website for all the early xmas shoppers.

i hate fall/winter already. if it were a person, id beat it to death with a croquet mallet. i do not enjoy paying for heat.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shirt of the Week

fact: if i were to put this on, my girlfriend would leave me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

gi joe movie

everyone here was pretty excited to hear that there was gonna be a gi joe movie coming out. but when you see some of the pictures the released from the movie, you might be a little turned off. i dunno, Duke is being played by the guy from Step Up. Brendan Fraser is playing Gung Ho. I think putting him in a movie is most likely going to fuck the whole thing. He just better not have a part where he opens his mouth to talk. Cobra being played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. What the hell? Look at Storm Shadow and Baroness above. They look like they could be potential cast members for High School Musical. I dont know what to think. I know i want to vomit and take a shit on who ever picked the cast. At least Snake Eyes still looks badass. cant fuck that up. probably the only reason ill see it. could be wrong about the whole movie, most people didnt think heath ledger was going to back a great joker.

Thursday, October 9, 2008