Sunday, January 25, 2009

we're leaving for SIA (now)

its been a crazy ass month. we're all tired and now the long drive to vegas. it is 6:21p now. so we should be there by the next afternoon. sounds crazy, but we're gonna be at SIA whether god wants us to or not. the weather is looking really shitty and we've dealt with some minor setbacks. we're not letting anything stop us now.

if you see a subaru and uhaul truck driving very recklessly on the road from seattle to vegas, get the fuck out of the way. please.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frat Boy Time Capsule FOUND

last night anna came over to clean dans room because any respectable business owner does not need to clean his own room. thats ridiculous.

anyways, she was looking around. and to her it looks like the house Casual is currently running out of use to be a place where people might have grown illegal plants of sorts. then she found a black bag full of clothes stuffed up in the vent of dannys room. sorry, no drugs were found, just clothes. from the looks of it, it was probably a frat boy who snowboards. what is the deal with the one-armed hoodie? must have gotten ripped off during a game of lacrosse. AK knows a guy who use to come over all the time before it housed Casual. Apparently it was "The Party House" of Alki. I hope we find more hidden tresures.

we're sorry we opened your time capsule. but it was cutting off the heat to dans room. next time put something cool in it. the hoodie was pretty funny though.

busy busy busy

we're gonna be busting our asses for the next week and a half for the SIA show on the 27th. so there might not be as much updating going around. wamp.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

zlog shirts

one of my good buddies has just released his first shirt. its pretty dope, even if you dont ride. the chains are printed in reflective ink so when light hits you at night, all the ladies can spot a decent man to go home with. hot damn

snatch em up here

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

so good

i know ive seen these awhile back. i wish i had one. i forget what company did them. they should make another AIR shirt with micheal daggling his baby from a balcony.

little peeky peeky at some new stickers

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biters part 3

this makes me want to vomit. the last biters i blog on were just small never-amount-to-shit bottom feeding companies. but levis?!? all i have to say is someone needs to get fired. i love my levis jeans, but this is taking a shit on people

spotted this on ultramaly

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Monday.

almost thought the snow was going to f my trip to work. good thing its melting away. i dont think i can deal with another frustrating snow week in the city.

we just added more black liza and fatmans and black N. Dubs to the website. if youre not broke from xmas, you should get on those quick because they dont sit here for very long.