Friday, March 9, 2012

We've made an enemy.

3 bags of dog shit and a bottle of piss later... 

Although it was a very hateful passive aggressive jester, we couldn't help but laugh our asses off at the situation. Whatever happened to knocking on your neighbor's door and using your words? 

Why go through the trouble of peeing in bottle? Why not pee in the car or on the car? It's got to be some old guy who wanted to send a message, but not ruin the mostly ruined interior of the Bang Bug. Dano's CSI skills tells us the perp has a small dog because of the stool size in the bags. 

If you're reading this old man, we're not mad. We just want to talk it out in the dark alley behind the Cactus. No guns or blades. Just words. 

Members of KISS stopped by to express their deepest condolences. 
Thank you Star Child and Catman. 

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Anonymous said...

At least it didn't become a Soup Kitchen!