Thursday, March 15, 2012

Throwback Thursday: The Bug

Throughout the day i'll be posting some photos I found in our archives. Gonna kick the show off with one of our first retailers. The trunk of a car. 

Technically the first car Casual was sold out of was Brendan's Suburu. The Bug was Casual's first offical company car. Dano would drive to La Push with a trunk full of ziploc-ed hoodies and sell them at the coast. 

The Bug was deemed "The Mexican Taxi." According to Dano, in Mexico all the taxi's were VW bugs without a passenger seat. This front seat was removed primarily to fit a surfboard and also double as a overnight sleeping space. 

I took the photo above while still an intern in 2007. I remember wanting to shit my pants the first time i rode in it. The back seat was down and I held on to a seat belt and an "oh-shit-handle" on our way to Yummy

As many have read a few days ago, the Bug has seen better days. Dano no longer drives it. It resides in the yard symbolizing our humble beginnings. 

Let's not forget, it played a huge part in The Trash Hoop Diaries part 1 and part 2.

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