Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Theme songs that have brainwashed me.

Was working and for some reason the Murder She Wrote opening theme popped in my head. So I YouTubed it and then ended up in another interweb rabbit hole. I hate that show. I dunno why it popped in my head. I just remember always having to sit through that show while my mom watched it.

Not really something I saw during my childhood. More Dano's age. I was like 3 when the show ended. Good theme song anyway.
0:26 makes me laugh for some reason.

Underdog. Don't really need to know much more than that.

Mac Fucking Gyver. Another Mom show, but it was cool cause the guy made shit happen. Stick him in a cage with an shard of glass and a rat turd and he'll blast his way out. Don't try and understand his methods.

Skip to 0:53 for cobra holla scene, 1:00 for misplaced ice cream eatting snippet

Fuck yeah, Cheers.

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