Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HULKAMANIA Continues To Run Wild (on eBay)

Some random conversation this morning led to the search for Hulkamania merchandise. The following items were found. You're welcome, Hulkamaniacs.

There's something symbolic about Hulk Hogan being printed on the back of this jacket. It says "I got your back Bruther." Wear it to the bar. Push a random person then turn your back to them. The results will SHOCK you. Kinda like the lightning bolt on the back. 

If I were still single, I'd bust these out on special occasions. It's a Bachelor's "fine china." 

Get this used teal shirt with too buff guys standing uncomfortably close to each other for a cool $210. Just be thankful it's not $300 anymore.

Not for coffee. Strictly protein shakes BRUTHER. I bet this mug smells like old milk. 

If you were born in the mid 90s, you probably have no idea what this is. Just know that you missed out. It probably reeks of crayons. I hate that smell. 

Oh, and there is 1 bid on this. So if you want it, you better act quick!

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