Friday, July 12, 2013

GrindTV interviews Casual Ind.

Our pals at GrindTV stopped by a while back and interviewed owner Dan Reid. He dropped some knowledge about the multi-hundred dollar company in a brief interview, which you can view here. They titled the interview "Casual Industrees brings Northwest apparel to the masses", which is a most fitting headline.
GTV: Why did repping the Northwest make sense to you?

DANREID: A lot of shops didn’t get it at first. They didn’t think you could be “Northwest-centric” and survive. But coming back and forth from Hawaii, Hawaii has a lot of pride, so I wondered why no one had pride for Washington. I’d come back and see “I Love New York” shirts and be like, “What the f–k. We’re not in New York!” I wanted Seattle to stand up for itself.

GTV: You guys are becoming a national brand, so how do you market that “Northwest-centricity” to other regions?

DR: We don’t market the Northwest stuff to other places as much. Everyone likes where they’re from, and I don’t want to force that on anyone else. But we have a lot of snowboard stuff as well, so that can go anywhere, and then we have other screened graphics for other areas like California and Colorado. So when we go into another place we try and adapt stuff to those areas. Stuff the locals will like essentially.

Head over and check the whole interview at GrindTV.

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