Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shine bright like a (baseball) diamond

We were getting a little restless in the office the other day and decided to take a quick break and hit some baseballs over at the nearby baseball diamond. It was also a perfect opportunity to shoot some of our baseball themed graphics that we've recently released. Take a peek.

Foul ball!

Anand is rocking the NDUB snapback hat and matching tee in the throwback Mariners colorway.

Swingin' for the fences

Zach and Brian looking tough or whatever while sporting The Catch crewneck, tee, and NDUB snapbacks.

The Catch was one of the many unforgettable Griffey moments where he shattered his wrist while making an incredible leaping catch. Although it was a bittersweet moment, the Kid was able to recover and return later season with some extra screws in his wrist.

Long live King Felix!

Take one for the team Gino.

Arrested Development George Michael back catch by t6lock

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Nose Dradamous said...

Did you guys really set up a baseball photo shoot?
It's called dope for a reason.