Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 1 of the Chilean Shred Invasion

What up Hundredaires this is Matty Wainhouse checking in from Hostel Vermont in Orsono, Chile. Tomorrow my pal Ian Wood "Woo" and I will be catching in bus over to Bariloche, Argentina in search for some pow. 

The following photos and captions are just some of the interesting things we've come across thus far in the trip. We've been in search for powder but chasing after it with no car is pretty difficult.

So I started off the trip by forgetting to claim an apple that I had in my backpack. So within an hour of being in Chile, I had already gotten a citation.. sweet. Luckily they didn't make me pay the $300 fine - for being awesome.

This was our first night in Chile. Down here they don't start they party until midnight and the bars stay open till 5 AM. Needless to say.. that was awesome. Those Chilean girls loved the gringos..

That night we got to pass out in the 5 Star Hyatt Hotel through Jordan Ingmire's photo contest hook ups. The next morning we did some interviews for "Community".. with our pants off.

Uzi Cuzi in Chile

Not a bad way to start the first 24 hours in Santiago.

The next couple of days we spent some time downtown Santiago and experienced some of it's culture. Here's Jordo grubbin' on some Chorillana.

The effect of Chorillana. These gringo bums got so many priceless looks from locals.

Jordo and Leaf Man

Some radical Chilean street performers
This Church was on a different level.

Homeless dogs outnumber owned dogs in Santiago I would say. They definitely outnumber homeless people..

"Coffee with Legs" is the greatest place ever to have a coffee and eye candy all in one..

Jordo, Wain, Woo
Next we took a 12 hour bus down to Puerto Varas to meet up with our buddy Seeba and ride Volcan Orsono. 
Woo, Seeba and Jordo in Seeba's home

Seeba grew up in Puerto Varas and he had some interesting items in his nice home..

We got a free place to stay at the base of the Volcano in the Teski Lodge - Thanks to Seeba and Cristoble. Volcan Orsono is considered Northern Patagonia. Rad.

Pablo and Alvaro BBQ'n Chilean Style

Chilean Sunsets Rule

See the giant crater in the middle of the photo? Well I decided to air out of it, went about 20 feet and landed on straight Pavement/Ice crap. It was scary. That's just how the conditions have been thus far but we are making the most of it. If this mountain had pow, shit would be going OFF and we'd call in the Red Bull heli..

We found this really fun bowl to play on though. All of the 6 locals came and threw down with us!

Careful, DickFoot exists..


This is Seeba's friend Axel. Hanging with this big guy was definitely a highlight. He holds the Puerto Varas record for most bottles of Pisco drank in one night.

More homeless pups with laser eyes

On a mission to find Antillanca Ski Resort. Raining, dark, cold, picked up by a random dude.

Who brought us to this lodge and we got to party with this badass mountain guide, Christian, who chases after exploding volcanoes and shit.

The next day Seeba, Woo and I got within 8 miles of powder filled Antillanca. We met a companion, Dave from Scottland, who joined in the agony. He rides a Capita...

We hitch-hiked for about 6 hours, but only 5 cars even passed by to go to the mountain. Nobody picked us up. Damnit.

Our search for pow continues as we are heading out to Bariloche, Argentina in the morning. Thanks for checkin' in and enjoy the rest of your summer 'Merica!

- Wain


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