Monday, June 4, 2012

Terror Season 2012

Our GROMs made us very proud this season. They killed it. 
Here's some recap vids of 2 of the Terror Squad's finest.  

Milo won 5 of 6 contests he entered taking the gold in The LBS, Greenhorn Games Seymour, Greenhorn Snoqualimie, Minor Threat, and Rhythm & Bruise. Congrats on slaying the competition!


Mac took 2nd at Greenhorn Games Seymour and won Minor Threat. Lil dude is moving up the ranks. One thing to note about brothers, little brother always catches up when you're not watching. 
Watch out for We-Gnar. 

Also be sure to check out The Tackled Box. Papa Buzzard has raised some good boys here.

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