Monday, April 9, 2012


2 greats passed away last Thursday. Both have created legacies that will last well beyond their lifespans.

Jim Marshall, founder of Marshall Amps. 

What guitar player didn't obsess over acquiring a Marshall stack? All the Legends used them and when you first plugged into one, it was was like losing your virginity. Maybe that's going a little far. It just felt right. So right it could never be wrong.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Designer of the Porsche 911.

I see this black Porsche 911 every time I leave the house to go to work. Not big into fancy cars mainly because I'd never be able to afford one with my lemonade budget. But it's hard to walk by that car and not think about what kind of bad shit you could do with it. I'm sure the owner is very pleased with his purchase. 

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